1. Any people looking for free, downloadable books?

    Right, so while trolling the internet desperate for something to read (I feel awesome right now despite my rather abysmal grades in math. T_T) I found a website where you can download epub books (really interesting ones too—they have the whole Underland Chronincles, and have some newer releases too.). So, it’s called¬†http://www.tuebl.com/ and they offer free epub ebooks, though they strongly suggest supporting authors. It’s a very good site.

    If you own a kindle or anything that doesn’t support epub format, you can convert it using calibre. They can convert to kindle format (.azw) and al others, and can also read the kindle, if your computer is too old and it doesn’t show up, like on mine. ;)

    Enjoy reading! And life! Because if my grades in math tell me anything, I’ll probably have to take a short break from books, writing, fanfiction, and all other pleasures in my life. :.(¬†

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